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This Cookie Policy complements and supplements the Information Report on the processing of personal data and the Privacy Policy of the Site.

When visiting the Site for the first time, the user will see a brief information report on the use of cookies. Should the user close such information report using the dedicated key or by clicking outside the area of the banner containing the same and continuing browsing the Site, he/she will agree to the use of cookies by third parties, according to the modalities indicated in this Cookie Policy.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small files containing texts and numbers which are downloaded and saved in the memory of the user’s navigation browser, when he/she visits a website and each time he/she enters a website. These small files containing texts and numbers are used for different and important functions within the network, such as performing automatic authentications, keep a record of the sessions, store information in order to make navigation of the site or the user’s navigation experience easier. Each domain visited via a browser may generate one or more cookies. An internet page may contain elements deriving from several different domains and each one of them may set up cookies (in this case they are called “third-party” cookies).

The use of cookies allows for an improved website navigation experience and may keep the selected settings in the subsequent access.

Cookies, in compliance with the General Provision of the Guarantor dated 2014, and according to the purposes pursued, may be qualified as:

  • Technical cookies: cookies enabling to navigate and/or to provide the service requested by the user (e.g. the cookies which automatically recognize the language used by the user).
  • Analytics Cookies: cookies used by the managers of the website in order to collect information in an aggregate manner and of statistical nature (e.g. the number of the website’s visitors). These cookies could be first-party analytics cookies, directly installed on the website you are visiting, and third-party analytics cookies, made available to third parties.
  • Profiling cookie: cookies which keep track of the user’s navigation, tracing the user’s behavior and his/her preferences expressed for the purposes of sending advertising messages which are in line with his/her profile.

Cookies used

Our Site uses different kinds of cookies, each of them having a specific function.  

Below is the list of cookies used by our website:

  • Technical navigation cookies: These are created during the first access; they enable the Site to operate correctly and faster, and to display content on your device, recognizing the language and the Country from which you have chosen to connect. Technical navigation cookies are necessary to make the site operative and therefore they cannot be deactivated by the user.  

Name of the cookie and function time

Features and Purpose


The cookie is necessary to memorize session variables and for the basic technical functions of the site.

Deactivate the use of Cookies

Most browsers are set up to accept cookies. However it is possible to deactivate the use of cookies by changing the settings of the browser to prevent that third-party cookies are also accepted. Please be also reminded that deactivation of navigation cookies and/or functionality cookies may cause a malfunctioning of the Site.  

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