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Grimaldi Alliance


Giu 08 2024

Grimaldi Alliance, new entry in Sweden with SALC boutique

Grimaldi Alliance expands in Sweden with SALC, a leading full service law firm with great tradition and expertise.

GA - active internationally in over 50 jurisdictions - and led by Global Managing Partner Francesco Sciaudone, announces the addition of SALC, a Swedish boutique full service law firm with great experience and professional standing.

SALC, founded in 2006, is GA's new partner for Sweden and the Scandinavian countries, completing the range of professional services that can be offered in the area with important expertise in litigation - domestic and international - and corporate.

SALC's founding partner, Dan Engström, has more than 30 years of experience in dispute resolution, as well as in franchise and commercial contract management.
Engström is also admitted to handle international arbitrations, particularly in intellectual property matters.

Jan Stålhandske, another prominent partner in the firm, on the other hand, has extensive experience in the infrastructure and utilities sector and has worked on, among other things, the regulation of postal, railway and telecommunications markets.
He specialises in advocacy, arbitration, acting as an arbitrator and as a lawyer.

"We are delighted to announce the entry of SALC into the Grimaldi Alliance. Their experience and professionalism allow us to expand GA's coverage to the Scandinavian region and Sweden in particular, continuing GA's international growth. Every day we receive more and more requests for support in cross-border activities from customers and partners of GA, which is increasingly establishing itself as one of the leading international networks,’ said Francesco Sciaudone, Global Managing Partner of the Grimaldi Alliance.

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