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Corporate M&A

The Corporate M&A Focus Group is a team of the Grimaldi Alliance made up of professionals located in various Countries around the world whose aim is to offer a one-stop shop service in the context of cross-border transactions relating to private equity and M&A, in different sectors.

Owing to the experience gained and the constant exchange of information and updates on every sector’s best practice and the regulatory environment in the different Countries, the team has developed an ever-growing ability to operate at an international level and to assist its clients in their increasingly global challenges. 

The key to its success is precisely the extensive network of resources, skills and contacts that enables the team to offer multidisciplinary consultancy services, through concrete and targeted solutions, to foreign and Italian operators.


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The Energy Focus Group is a Grimaldi Alliance team specialised in energy consulting, made up of professionals located in different Countries around the world.

Its wide-spread presence in many jurisdictions around the world enables the team to offer specialised consultancy services to national and international companies, multi-utility companies, private equity funds, banks, investors, operators, in the development of their business in Italy and abroad.

Owing to the experience gained and the constant exchange of information and updates on the sector’s best practices and the regulatory framework of different Countries, the team has developed an increasingly broad ability to operate internationally.


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ESG and Sustainable Finance

The ESG and Sustainable Finance Focus Group is a team of the Grimaldi Alliance focusing on sustainability and ESG factors, made up of professionals from different practice areas - including Corporate Governance, M&A, Labour, Environment, Banking and Finance - located in various Countries around the world.

The team's international experience enables the same to analyse and manage ESG issues with a comparative approach apt to offer multi-discretionary assistance to clients, based on best practices that are in constant evolution, not only applied on a national level, but also globally, with reference to the integration of ESG issues into corporate governance and procedures, the review of governance and procedures for the production of DNF (non-financial statements)/CSRD, assistance in procedures for former-SFDR disclosure, the structuring of Green Bonds and the setting up of sustainable impact funds.


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International Arbitration

International arbitration is the most appropriate form of settlement for international disputes, as it is managed by independent and respected institutions and is entrusted to judges (i.e., arbitrators) chosen precisely because of their high degree of specialisation in the relevant industry sector. Arbitration procedures are founded on the impartiality of the judges, they are based on the promptness and rapidity of decisions, and the total confidentiality and privacy of the proceedings.

The inclusion of an arbitration clause (and, in the case of parties residing in different jurisdictions, an international arbitration clause) is the best choice for contracting parties who wish, from the moment the agreement is executed, to enforce their rights in the context of common and efficient rules.

The Grimaldi Alliance's International Arbitration Focus Group consists of a multi-jurisdictional team of professionals with extensive experience in international arbitrations in all sectors, procedures, jurisdictions and Countries. Its purpose is to assist clients throughout the entire decision-making process: in the crucial moment of choosing and drafting the arbitration clause in the agreement, in the interpretation of agreements underlying the dispute, in the definition of the best defence strategy, in the choice of arbitrators (where not appointed by the institutions) and technical advisors, in the granting and enforcement of the arbitral award.

Owing to the Grimaldi Alliance’s coverage, the professionals of our International Arbitration Focus Group are able to offer to their clients a targeted assistance, as they are able to  coordinate the knowledge of applicable substantial and local rules with the procedural rules required by the international context in which they operate, and boast extensive experience in arbitrations managed by the main European and international bodies (i.e. ICC, LCIA, ICSID, CAM, SCC, FAI, UNCITRAL).


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International Litigation

Globalisation has created unlimited business opportunities that have, in turn, also created a potential increase in legal liability, exposing companies around the world to financial and reputational risks likely involving multiple jurisdictions. Mitigating these risks requires a timely commitment of experienced lawyers who understand the cultural, legal and regulatory framework of each Country, and who work tirelessly to protect and meet the needs of their clients.

Owing to a long-standing tradition and a team of highly specialised professionals, Grimaldi Studio Legale provides its clients with a solid expertise in litigation matters before judicial authorities at all levels, providing assistance both in alternative dispute resolution procedures (ADR, mediation, assisted negotiation) and in the most complex ordinary disputes, starting from the pre-litigation phase up to the enforcement and/or out-of-court settlement phase between the parties.

The experience gained by our professionals, together with the Firm's international vocation, also enables us - in close cooperation among the different practice areas - to meet coordination needs in cross-border litigation, supporting clients in disputes characterised by international aspects.

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Grimaldi Alliance's Labour Focus Group consists of a large team of international professionals with in-depth knowledge of the legal and regulatory system in the fields of Labour law, Industrial Relations and Social Security law at a global level.


The team provides its clients with ongoing out-of-court assistance in matters relating to human resources management and relations with employees, as well as judicial assistance in labour disputes.

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Restructuring and Distressed M&A

The Restructuring and Distressed M&A Focus Group, through an international team of professionals, aims to monitor and share investment opportunities in contexts pertaining to corporate crisis or financial difficulties, including those triggered by the consequences of the pandemic outbreak or an inefficient allocation of production factors.

An in-depth knowledge of the specific and relevant economic context, as well as of the local regulatory framework, is required to assess the most suitable solutions for private investors' needs on a case-by-case basis.

To this end, the team is made up of professionals who combine extensive experience in domestic and cross-border acquisition transactions with a mastery of crisis regulation tools offered by the different legal systems, both private and judicial or insolvency-based.

Owing to the skills acquired, business opportunities involving shareholdings, single assets or company branches are analysed from the perspective of both private investors and entrepreneurs who are in a state of crisis, in order to identify the solution apt to best protect the client's interests and safeguard the values at stake. 

We strongly believe in the possibility of profitably channelling the expertise and resources of institutional investors by increasing the visibility and accessibility of various deals emerging in distressed situations.


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Cross border investments in Latin America

The “Cross border investments in Latin America” Focus Group, through an international team of professionals, has the purpose to monitor and share investment opportunities involving the LatAm region.

The Grimaldi Focus Group strongly believes in the potential generated by the LatAm region and offers comprehensive cross-border assistance through a large, multidisciplinary and international team of professionals.

The team is made up of professionals boasting extensive experience in their respective jurisdictions, with a focus on cross-border transactions, with particular reference to the LatAm region, although not limited to the latter. The Team provides assistance and advice thanks to the skills acquired and the business opportunities that are conveyed within the Focus Group, thus supporting investors and entrepreneurs in reference transactions, trade and contractual matters and guaranteeing maximum protection of the client's interests in compliance with the different applicable regulations.

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The Focus Group “Cross border investments in the Middle East and North Africa” (MENA), through an international team of professionals, aims to assist clients operating in this important economic area and to support them in their investment strategies.

The Focus Group offers comprehensive and cross-border assistance, thanks to professionals having domestic and international experience.

The Focus Group provides a full range of services to support the client's business, from its origin and at every stage of its development. It provides, inter alia, legal assistance in national and international litigation, advice on corporate law, commercial contracts and tax advice. Its local presence enables it to build solid relations with key stakeholders.


                                                                      TEAM LEADERS     

                                                                        Bahaa Alieldea
                                                             Partner Grimaldi Alliance

                                                                          Leonida Cagli
                                                              Partner Grimaldi Alliance


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